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Beginner Resources

Think a four year old cannot memorize 20 verses in a year? Let a four year old in Master Clubs astound you by not only learning the verses but applying them too. The Beginner project workbooks cover topics like prayer, God, His Word, Jesus, creation, church, and many others. Every child can earn 23 badges, 12 stickers, 10 ribbons, and memorize 60 verses as a Beginner in Master Clubs.

Scripture Memory Cards

These resources are available as a tear out in the Beginners project workbooks. But as a convenience for leaders and parents, these Scripture Memory Cards are also available online. Should your Clubbers lose their original cards or if you quickly need additional Scripture Memory Cards, download the appropriate card below.

Badge Placement Guide

As a leader or parent of a Little Lamb or Little Shepherd, use this guide to help you properly place badges on the Clubbers award vest.

Membership Requirement Coloring Pictures

As part of becoming a Master Clubs member, Clubbers must complete the Membership Requirments for their department. As part of becoming a Little Treasure, Little Lamb, or Little Shepherd, the Membership Requirments will include coloring one of the coloring pictures below. Be sure to print extra copies of each coloring picture for your department. That way you will always have plenty on hand as new Clubbers attend your Master Club program.

Little Treasures Craft Pages

You will use this resource as part of the craft for Chapter 4: Lesson 4 on page 45 the Little Treasures project workbook.

Suggested Starter Items