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Ambassador Bible Lessons for Juniors


Distinctively Baptist Tracts

Valuable Resource for 3, 4, and 5 year old leaders


11x17 poster of Beginner Badges


16 Microsoft Office Powerpoint slideshows to match the printed Discovery Bible Study Booklet series. 

Everybody Needs Jesus Booklet

Gives you the opportunity to talk to your children about Christ!

Everybody Needs Jesus Tract (50 per pack)

Bright, Fun Tract for Children!

Master Clubs Customizable Invitation Brochure


Mailbox Contest Participation Certificate

Master Club 1st Place Ribbon

Ribbons for any occasion!

Master Club Poster 17x22 (90105)

Full Color Master Club Poster

Master Club Royal BlueTote Bag

Master Clubs 2nd Place Ribbon

Ribbons for any occasion!

  Master Clubs 3rd Place Ribbon

Ribbons for all occasions!

Master Clubs 4th Place Ribbon

Ribbons for all occasions!


CD with Power Point to go with the New Master Clubs Training Guides

Master Money

MasterMoney is a new exciting way to reward your children!


17x22 poster of Ambassador Badges


Leader Resource for Ambassadors


Leader Resource for Ambassadors