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Lookouts Student Pack

First Grade Student Pack


 NEW Master Clubs Badge Banner to display your Clubbers badges in the classroom. 

Scouts Student Pack

Third Grade Student Pack

Spotters Student Pack

Second Grade Student Pack

Lookouts Book

First Grade Project Workbook

Scouts Book
Third Grade Project Workbook
Spotters Book

Second Grade Project Workbook

Lookouts Master Record
First Grade Master Record
Lookouts Membership Badge

Lookouts Badge

Lookouts Trailbar

First Grade Trailbar

Primary Membership Requirements

First Step for Primaries

Scouts Master Record

Third Grade Master Record

Scouts Membership Badge
Scouts Trailbar

Third Grade Trailbar

Spotters Master Record

Second Grade Master Record

Spotters Membership Badge
Spotters Badge
Spotters Trailbar

Second Grade Trailbar


First Grade Membership Passport

Primaries Badge Poster

11x17 poster of Primary Badges

Primary Badge Placement Guide

Properly placing badges on vests