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Everybody Needs Jesus Booklet

Everybody Needs Jesus Booklet
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The old TV children's song says that "Knowledge is Power!" Well, that is only partly true. You see, knowledge only becomes powerful when you know how to apply it. Children and adults can know a lot about the Bible and a lot about Jesus and God. But this powerful information doesn't help anyone until they know how to apply it to their own life.

Learn how to ask challenging questions which will give a child the opportunity to tell you what he or she understands about the Bible and the loving God Who wrote it.

Use this book to lead your own child, or any child, to Jesus Christ! Or use this book to follow-up with a child after a Salvation decision. Experience the joy and excitement of watching a child's understanding of the Gospel become real to them! Witness first-hand the power of the Holy Spirit as He uses you to communicate His precious message of the Gospel to a child. God desires that everyone in the entire world knows the message of the Gospel, because "Everyone Needs Jesus."

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