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How Do I Get These Kids to Listen - by Ed Dunlop

How Do I Get These Kids to Listen - by Ed Dunlop
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''Honey, I don't think I can take another Sunday like today. Those kids are impossible!'' If you have ever felt this way after working in your children's or youth ministry, ''How Do I Get These Kids to Listen?'' is for you! You will learn how to gain and hold the attention of today's children, how to develop caring relationships with your students, and how to eliminate most of the discipline problems before they can start. You are going to be pleasantly surprised to discover that you are far more creative than you ever dreamed. You are going to find out for yourself that teaching can be a joyous, rewarding experience. ''How Do I Get These Kids to Listen'' is written in a uniquely entertaining fashion and will teach the principles of successful teaching in a reader-friendly fashion.

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