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About Us

Master Clubs History

While working with teenagers at Highland Park Baptist Church in Chattanooga, TN, Abb Thomas discovered that in order to have a great teen ministry, he needed to develop an exceptional children’s ministry. After refining many ideas and overcoming countless obstacles, he developed Master Clubs, a discipleship ministry for children. But unlike other children's discipleship materials, he developed Master Clubs to go beyond just teaching children the truths of the Bible, but actually help children apply and live-out those truths. Today, Master Clubs, a division of Master Ministries under the authority of First Baptist Church in Milford, Ohio, continues the passion displayed by Abb Thomas. Now, under the leadership of Kerby Richmon, Master Clubs continues to provide Baptist churches with the King James based resources they need to effectively teach and train young people to serve The Master. “For one is your master even Christ.” Matthew 23:10