Creation Globes: The Days of Creation Nesting Globes

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Help your children learn about God’s Creation with Creation Globes. Six different -sized globes nest inside one another illustrating the days of God’s Creation.

Read Genesis 1:1-2:3 to your children. Ask them how the universe was created. How many days did it take?

As you read each day of the Creation story to your children, show them each corresponding globe. Let your children hold the globes in their hands.

Now let them pull apart the globes as you read.

Include a creation coloring page that provide them with something to take home after your lesson.

There are numerous uses and applications for Creation Globes. They are perfect for Beginner and Primary Bible Time. You can train your Juniors to tell the creation story to younger children. This makes a great Bible Object Lesson, and can be used in the Regional Competition.

Use Creation Globes in your Master Club, Junior Church, and in your Sunday School.

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Master Ministries welcomes Paul Milner as the newest member of our staff. Paul and his family moved here from Kinston, NC where he has served for the last nine years as the Assistant Pastor at New Testament Baptist Church. They started Master Clubs there in 2004 and our staff has watched Paul's passion for this ministry. He not only excelled there by training his own staff and driving a van load of kids four hours every year to compete in the North Carolina Regional Competition, but he has helped several other churches throughout that area improve their Club as well. Paul not only saw God use Master Clubs to bring numerical and spiritual growth in his church, but he saw the fruit of Master Clubs in his own home as he witnessed the spiritual growth of his own two children.

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