EVANGECUBE: Great Gift Idea for Evangelism

Evangacube Pic 2

The EvangeCube is the perfect gift for children and children’s workers who are trying to communicate the gospel using visuals; and what better visual than a 3-d cube that tells the gospel story clearly and with pictures.

The EvangeCube isn’t just a six-sided cube; it opens up revealing in puzzle form seven different subjects in the gospel narrative. The EvangeCube begins by illustrating how that man is in sin- separated from God. Then it shows how Christ died on the cross for our sins, was buried  and rose again. The fifth time you open the EvangeCube you see a person standing at the foot of a cross bridge  illustrating that the Lord Jesus Christ is the only way to the Father- a perfect picture of John 5:24.  The sixth side presents the choice that everyone must make: eternal life or the wrath of God. What choice will you make? Accept Jesus Christ by faith, repent of your sin, or reject Him and suffer eternal punishment in hell. The graphics illustrating this point are stunning.

The “Help” sheet that accompanies the EvangeCube gives  clear instructions to the soul winner. It will walk you step-by-step through the plan of salvation.

The back side of the closed cube on the exact opposite side of where you began teaches the new believer no less than six truths: baptism follows salvation, love God and others, read God’s Word daily, pray, attend a Bible-believing church, and tell others about the good news that Christ died for you.

We strongly recommend the EvangeCube to you for training children how to be effective witnesses for Christ. It is a wonderful way to show anyone how to be born again.

The EvangeCube comes in two sizes: large [ITEM 71623] and key chain [ITEM 71624]. For more information about the EvangeCube, call Master Ministries at 800-451-5023. You can also follow the link to our store http://www.masterclubs.org/store/cart.php?m=product_list&c=25

Master Ministries welcomes Paul Milner as the newest member of our staff. Paul and his family moved here from Kinston, NC where he has served for the last nine years as the Assistant Pastor at New Testament Baptist Church. They started Master Clubs there in 2004 and our staff has watched Paul's passion for this ministry. He not only excelled there by training his own staff and driving a van load of kids four hours every year to compete in the North Carolina Regional Competition, but he has helped several other churches throughout that area improve their Club as well. Paul not only saw God use Master Clubs to bring numerical and spiritual growth in his church, but he saw the fruit of Master Clubs in his own home as he witnessed the spiritual growth of his own two children.

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